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Your home – part of you


Useful tips for buying a home

On this page, we’ve put together a few things worth considering when planning to buy a new home.

Purchasing a new home is a major financial decision, so it is worth spending some time looking into the details. While logic is undeniably important, at the end of the day any decision should also feel right to you. Purchasing your own home, and particularly your first home, is a wonderful, exciting experience.


Sales of EKE Loft apartments have begun!

Our popular and much-anticipated EKE Loft concept is continuing in Helsinki’s Verkkosaari neighbourhood. Sales of apartments at Asunto Oy Verkkosaaren Artus have begun. EKE Loft homes are like a blank canvas, ready for you to design in terms of room divisions, materials and the kitchen of your dreams.

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Buying your own home

Buying your own home is one of the best purchases you’ll ever make, as over the longer term, living in a home you own is cheaper than renting. As you pay off the home loan, also known as a mortgage, your equity increases, and if you later sell the apartment you could make a profit on it.

Financing and transfer tax

Prior to buying a home, you should map out your own financial situation and make sure you already have a positive loan decision in place from a lender. You can find loan calculators on the websites of various different banks, and you can also request a loan offer.

As the buyer of a new-build, you can be sure that the complex will not be subject to any major ageing-related renovations for some time.

If you are purchasing via housing company shares, you will be obliged to pay transfer tax, unless you are a first-time buyer and meet certain criteria defined by the Tax Administration. The tax amounts to 2% of the debt-free price of the apartment. The buyer must pay the transfer tax themselves.

Piispanportin Auran modernit kerrostalokodit sijaitsevat omalla tontilla keskeisellä paikalla Espoon Piispanportissa.

Buy your apartment online

You can also manage an EKE-Rakennus apartment purchase online, from the comfort of your summer cabin or your sofa at home. The online purchase procedure can be used for apartments at all of the sites we are building.

You can find out more about the apartments on the site-specific pages maintained by EKE-Rakennus. These pages include photos of the apartment, a sales brochure, a presentation video of the site, the prices, and a brochure setting out the interior materials. You can explore the interior material options in your own time, and material choices can be made easily using the Nettikoti app as soon as you have made the purchase.

Once you have found your perfect apartment, you can reserve it by emailing or calling our apartment sales team. Your reservation will be confirmed by email and we will also provide you with more information about the site at the same time.

Once the finer details have been agreed with the seller, it’s time to complete the sale. The deeds of sale can be signed electronically via Visma Sign, using your online banking credentials. An electronic signature is a fast and legally binding way to sign the deeds of sale. After this, you can begin planning your move to your new home.

Find out more about what we have to offer safely and securely. Our apartment sales team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

+358 (0)9 6130 3450 or

Mover’s checklist

  • Arrange packing supplies and start packing in good time
  • Plan your move schedule in advance and ask for help with the move
  • Submit a move notification to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency
  • Remember to sign the online contract for your new apartment and terminate the contract for your old apartment
  • Inform the property manager and maintenance company of your move
  • Make sure you have all the home insurance you are required to have
  • Arrange the internet connection for your new home
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Making an apartment purchase responsibly

Our apartment sales team can also arrange for a private viewing for you. You can contact us easily by phone on +358 (0)9 6130 3450 or email at to arrange a suitable time.

We carry out viewings of the apartments we are selling responsibly. When showing apartments, we pay extra attention to the safety, security and comfort of our clients and staff. At the time of your viewing, the apartment location may still be under construction, so we adhere to the worksite safety instructions and use safety equipment as required.

You can see all the locations where we have apartments for sale in advance online at your own pace.


We have new homes for sale in Helsinki and Espoo

EKE’s vision when building apartments is to provide the opportunity to live in the same apartment and the same area even as your life situation changes. We listen to residents when we build new homes. Would your everyday be improved by living in a new home, where things are easier and the space has been arranged more logically?

Find out more about the apartments EKE has to offer and book your own viewing by contacting our apartment sales team at or +358 (0)9 6130 3450

Come and find out more about the new homes we have for sale!