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Historiakuva, Helsingin kaupunginteatteri

EKE-Rakennus Oy

Family company since 1961

EKE-Rakennus OY

When it comes to construction, there’s not much we don’t know

EKE-Rakennus Oy is a Finnish, family-run company founded in 1961 and part of the multifaceted EKE Group.

EKE-Rakennus Oy is a Finnish, family-run company founded in 1961 and now part of the multifaceted EKE Group. We build apartments and full residential areas. We also develop and rent out commercial facilities. Our market area in Finland is the Helsinki metropolitan area and its surroundings.


A growing and evolving family company

EKE-Rakennus has grown from an engineering firm specialising in structural engineering into a major operator in the construction sector, covering a range of expertises. Today, EKE-Rakennus remains a family-run company, where this entrepreneurial spirit brings a personal touch and ownership that is dedicated to the long-term development to the company’s operations.

Since its earliest days, EKE’s philosophy has been one of continuous development and regeneration, which has made EKE one of the most successful companies in Finland in its sector. Continuous innovation for the benefit of our clients is in our genes. And we intend to continue taking this active approach as we have done for over 60 years.

Tea Ekengren
CEO, EKE-Rakennus Oy

Toimitusjohtaja, Tea Ekengren, EKE-Rakennus Oy

Company history

In 1961, Bertel Ekengren founded the engineering firm Insinööritoimisto Bertel Ekengren Ky, focusing on structural engineering. In the early years, the company’s key projects included work on Helsinki City Theatre, the Sibelius Monument, Ratina Stadium in Tampere and Weilin & Göös Printing Works in Espoo.

EKE and sustainable development

EKE-Rakennus Oy operates in an ecologically, socially and financially sustainable manner. We are well versed in our responsibilities to our stakeholders, and our motivated and continually developing staff are a key resource. EKE examines the environmental impacts throughout the lifespan of each project, from product development to recycling. We also take into account our subcontractors’ responsibility in terms of our supply chain.

EKE-Rakennus Oy, rakentamisen moniosaaja

The cornerstones of our business

Our vision
Here at EKE-Rakennus, we are our clients’ and stakeholders’ best partner, a desirable and respected employer, and a regenerating pioneer in our sector.

Our mission
EKE-Rakennus offers its clients reliability, user comfort and cost efficiency with the most advanced technology and great service. We also want the solutions we offer to encourage those who use the properties to embrace sustainable development. All of our operations are unified by the desire to take care of our clients, as happy clients are the foundation of our success. We are committed to good quality in all that we do.