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The path to buying your own home

Buying an apartment from us is a smooth and safe process. We will help you every step of the way, making sure you have time to manage the purchase of your new home and helping the transaction proceed smoothly. On this page we have compiled key information about purchasing a new home.

Asuntokaupan vaiheet

Advance reservation

During the advance reservation phase you can familiarise yourself with the preliminary information about the location, and if you wish, make a non-binding advance reservation on an apartment. There is an advance reservation fee of just €1,000, which is returned in full if you decide to cancel the reservation. You only commit to buying the apartment once the sale process starts. Our apartment sales team will be happy to help you find the perfect apartment for you.

Reserving an apartment when sales begin

When construction starts, safekeeping documents are issued for the site, protecting those who purchase shares. Information about the site will be further specified and the sale of apartments will begin. An advance reservation automatically becomes a reservation and you can review the sale and safekeeping documents at your own pace before making a final purchase decision. If there are still unreserved apartments at the start of the sale process, you can still make a reservation, in which case we will proceed to the sale of the apartment you have reserved soon after the reservation is made and you have read the documents.

Uuden oman kodin suunnittelua.

Apartment purchases

Familiarise yourself with the safekeeping and sale documents and the deed of sale carefully before signing the deed, and ask for more information if there’s anything you’re unsure about. If you wish, you can complete the sale by signing the documents online. When arranging face-to-face meetings, special attention is always paid to our clients’ safety. You can agree on how you wish to carry out the purchase with no pressure with our apartment sales team.

Interior design choices and modifications

The materials used are chosen at an early stage once construction has begun. Buying your home in good time allows you to have a say on the materials used. You can also have modifications to your apartment carried out with the help of our skilled customer service manager, within the modification schedule. The material samples are available for you to see at our Showroom in Espoo, and you can also make your selections online, if you wish.

Asuntojen materiaalit ovat korkealuokkaisia ja sisustukset huolellisesti suunniteltuja.

Construction period and moving-in inspection

While construction is underway, you will be provided with information about what is going on at the site and the progress of construction. You will also be invited to visit the site and your future home.

Before moving in, we will invite you to carefully inspect your home. You will be provided with instructions for the inspection and making a record of any issues you notice. We will try to rectify any issues prior to your moving date. At the time of the moving inspection, you will also receive guidance on using the devices in your home and on maintenance.

Moving in and handing over of the keys

We will send you a moving letter at the latest a month before completion of your home, confirming your moving day and providing you with a reminder of and instructions on various important matters to do with moving. You will receive the keys to your new home once you have paid the sale price and ordered any modifications or additional work, then the move can begin! When we hand over the keys, we will also give you a folder about your new home, providing instructions on maintenance and other important details.



Housing cooperative meeting and annual inspection

Within approximately three to four months of completion of the site, the housing cooperative will arrange a meeting. At the meeting, administration of the complex is handed over from the developers to the shareholders, i.e. the buyers, which is why it is also referred to as the administration handover meeting. At the meeting, an interim financial statement will be presented and a board of directors selected for the housing cooperative and complex now that the apartments are inhabited.

An annual inspection will take place within approx. 12–15 months of completion. We will send you an invitation in advance for the annual inspection, as well as instructions detailing what the inspection will entail. EKE-Rakennus remains responsible for 10 years for the construction work having been carried out in accordance with good construction practices.

Here at EKE, we aim to look after our clients well, as happy clients are the foundation of our success. We are committed to good quality in all that we do. We build homes proportioned to people.

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