West 51 Business area, Sundsberg

Sundsbergin yritystie, Kirkkonummi

Approximately 8 projects 
Size of PremisesApproximately 3 000 - 20 000 m²
CompletionConstruction began in 2023

West 51 Business Village – Technology and Sustainability at its Forefront

Let us design an efficient and environmentally conscious premises for your business in a developing hub. West 51 is a technology-focused business area neighboring Espoo, with its first projects having started in 2023. Flexible plot division allows for the design of production and office spaces tailored to the customer’s needs.

Act quickly, as only about a quarter (125,750 m²) of the total area is still available.

West 51 Business Area

  • A valid town plan.
  • Land area totaling ca. 550,000 m², of which 125,750 m² is vacant.
  • Building right (KTY) ca. 110,000 k-m² of which 52,000 k-m² is vacant
  • Plot efficiency e= 0.3–0.5
  • The plan allows for the construction of 5-story office buildings on some plots.
  • Production/office spaces for businesses focused on technology and data commerce.

EKE-Construction has projects in the area ranging from 3,000 to 20,000 square meters.

What Do We Offer?

We offer new, customized, flexible, and reliable production and office spaces in an excellent location for businesses.

For Whom?

Our comprehensive development and construction solutions are particularly well-suited for businesses focusing on technology and data.

Some examples are Cleantech, data management, laboratories, high-value-added food facilities, and companies that need office space and/or a showroom in connection with their production facilities.


Westi 51 Yrityskylä, Kirkkonummi. Huomisen toimitilaa ylivertaisella sijainnilla.
Westi 51 Yrityskylä. Huomisen toimitilaa ylivertaisella sijainnilla.


Our design starts from the individual, working our way up, integrating reliable and sustainable solutions. In our planning, we consider the entire life cycle of the building so that we can make responsible, far-reaching decisions of significance for the occupiers, stakeholders, municipality, neighboring inhabitants as well as the environment. In line with our mission, we explore opportunities to optimize renewable energy sources. The methods and solutions used are selected together with the customer.

Why a New Building?

New buildings retain heat better, consume less electricity and water, making them more efficient. New construction also utilizes modern building technology providing cost effective solutions for building management as well. Sustainably built and eco-friendly buildings also present a “future-proofed” solution, mitigating risk in value depreciation for the real estate over time.

Westi 51 Yrityskylä, Kirkkonummi. Huomisen toimitilaa ylivertaisella sijainnilla.

Recycling Waste Heat for Emission-Free District Heating

Significant technology sector players, such as Microsoft’s data center and Fortum’s heat pump plant, are located in the West 51 hub, creating synergy and opportunities for collaboration with industry players. Fortum’s heat pump plant can utilize the waste heat produced by Microsoft to produce emission-free district heating.

Recycling waste heat has a significant climate impact, and together with heat pumps, the waste heat from a large data center can produce a significant portion of the area’s district heating needs, which can be used in the production and office spaces being built in the area.

Convenient Location Near Espoo

West 51 is strategically located at the intersection of Ring Road III surrounding the capital region and the busy Länsiväylä highway.

The location near Espoo, between the train and metro station, allows for smooth transport connections to the area. It takes only 10 minutes to drive to the Iso Omena shopping center in Espoo along Länsiväylä. The train journey either to Helsinki city center or to the airport takes approximately thirty minutes.

Kirkkonummi is part of the Helsinki public transport area. Cyclists also appreciate the area’s well-lit traffic routes.

train station
3 km
Metro station
5 km
35 km
Shopping centre
Iso Omena
11 km

Trafficability and visibility along Länsiväylä are top-notch

The West 51 area is part of an ecosystem where everything necessary is within a 20-minute reach – this includes housing, workplaces, services, recreation, and nature destinations. West 51 offers not only sustainable mobility but also a community that inspires the development of technological expertise.

West 51 yhdistää monenlaiset toimijat, mahdollistaen niin tuotanto-, toimisto- että datakeskustilojen sijoittumisen alueelle.
West 51 yhdistää monenlaiset toimijat, mahdollistaen niin tuotanto-, toimisto- että datakeskustilojen sijoittumisen alueelle.

West 51 area’s 360 aerial photos.

Explore the area in more detail through aerial photo links.

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We listen, brainstorm, and implement premises or production spaces designed for your company’s business needs in the area together with you. The area can accommodate several pioneers, and the flexible plot division allows for various-sized premises tailored to customers’ needs.