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Sundsberg Business Area is now West 51

Sundsberg Business Area is now West 51

Bulletin 30 May 2023

The business area being built in Kirkkonummi’s Kolabacken and its environs is attracting businesses with its good transport connections, green energy and family-friendly environment.

EKE-Rakennus has begun marketing plots and construction contracts for Sundsberg’s new West 51 Business Area in Kirkkonummi to potential clients from both Finland and abroad. The area is a key development hub in the Helsinki region.

Interest in Kirkkonummi from the business world has grown visibly in recent years, explains Kirkkonummi’s Municipal Architect Tero Luomajärvi. The Municipality of Kirkkonummi actually owns very little land itself, so shared projects with other landowners are particularly important for the municipality. The Sundsberg area has been owned by EKE-Rakennus since the 1980s.

“The Municipality of Kirkkonummi has high expectations for Sundsberg’s new business area. It is clearly a higher profile area that is set apart by its good accessibility and the services in nearby Masala,” Luomajärvi explains.

Based on the development vision approved by Kirkkonummi Municipal Council, the aim for Sundsberg is to build a diverse sustainable mobility area, where living, jobs, services and nature form a 20-minute city concept in terms of accessibility.

Sundsberg’s business area, i.e. West 51, is located at the intersection of the Kehä III ringroad encircling the Helsinki metropolitan area and the busy Länsiväylä motorway. A Microsoft data centre is planned for the area, the waste heat of which will be used in the area’s district heating network.

The business area’s plots have attracted a lot of interest already. Labour-intensive companies in particular are expected to move into the area, requiring high-speed data connections or an efficient electricity supply. The area is also attracting companies that want to operate as carbon neutrally as possible.

In the view of Director of Investment and Development E. Takashi Norris of Bridge Properties, which works with international investors, Finland’s reputation as a reliable operating environment, with a functional infrastructure and skilled workforce, interests international companies and property investors.

“Sundsberg is a great place to live. The public transport connections are fantastic. Nature is right on your doorstep and that, paired with good schools, attracts families, which increases the motivation of skilled workers and experts to apply to companies in the area,” states Norris.

According to Norris, we are entering a new age in property investment. Energy efficiency, carbon footprints and environmental protection are now on a parallel with traditional financial considerations.

“For Sundsberg, we are looking in particular for medium-term and long-term investors who prioritise ecological sustainability, responsible investment and producing social capital with green solutions. Investors who want to benefit not only their own business but also the surrounding society.”

Construction of the business area is scheduled to begin in 2023. EKE has eight commercial premises projects underway in the area, with sizes varying from 3,000 to 20,000 m2. The flexible approach to division of plots allows commercial properties to be planned based on the client’s needs.

“It’s fantastic to see how Sundsberg is taking this huge step forwards. Development of the area has been an aim of ours since the 1980s, and now we’re starting to build a new kind of business area there – West 51. The whole area is being developed at a rapid pace in collaboration with the Municipality of Kirkkonummi,” states EKE-Rakennus’s CEO Tea Ekengren-Saurén.

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West 51 yhdistää monenlaiset toimijat, mahdollistaen niin tuotanto-, toimisto- että datakeskustilojen sijoittumisen alueelle.
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